If you live in or around Paris,
+ You want to train your dog or resolve his/her behavioural problems
+ You don’t speak French or prefer English
I can help you !


I can provide one-on-one training sessions at your home or in the park. I use only force-free, up-to-date and effective training methods, including ‘clicker training’. These sessions are usually for straight forward training solutions such as leash training, recall or other basic obedience.
We can also work on specific projects, such as assistance work or medical training. The latter involves helping your dog to cope better with medical care.
If you experience more complex issues or behavioural problems, a more detailed and thorough consultation is necessary (see behaviour problems below).

◊ 45€/ hour


All you need to get your puppy off to a good start. The puppy life skills course teaches basic obedience, helps you deal with behaviours such as excessive mouthing, and teaches you how to socialise your puppy (how to greet and enjoy being around other animals, people, cyclists…). You will also learn how to introduce your puppy to new objects, sounds and places, in order to prevent fearful behaviours.

 1 sessions = 65 € (1h30)
◊ Additional session = 45€ (1h)


The initial session is a 2-hour consultation during which we discuss your problems and possible treatment plans. I will do my best to tailor these plans to your needs and your companion’s.
Following this session, I will send you a report with a written treatment plan. You may be able to work on it by yourself or a rehabilitation/training session may be required. In any case, I remain available (phone, WhatsApp, email) if you need to talk through the difficulties you are facing.

◊ Initial consultation =  85 € (approx 2 h)

Examples of behaviour problems commonly consulted on:

  • Aggression towards people (including guardians), children, dogs or other animals
  • Fighting with another household pet
  • Aggression around the food bowl or toys
  • Excessive vocalisations
  • Separation-related problems
  • Inappropriate toileting